PT Samudera Indah Berkatindo

Company Profile

PT. Samudera Indah Berkatindo was the pioneer company of The Worldwide Group which initially opened its service in 2001. The company then grew up by opening a new branch one year later. PT. Samudera Indah Berkantindo was established to serve customers in the delivery of local goods, and growing for export and import activities, especially for rubber shipment. In order to provide client with more convenient and reliable services, we synergize with a string of reliable shipping companies as our valuable partners.

We have built relationships with sellers and buyers throughout the world rubber that has made ​​us famous companies which provide such services. And enhance cooperative relationships with various stakeholders such as the shipping line, custom, and even stevedoring trucking company and all we did for about providing comfort and satisfy all our customers.

We Have Service as Follow :

  • Domestic & International Freight Forwarder
  • Export Rubber shipment
  • Forward Import
  • Handling Stuffing
  • Custom Clearance
  • Trucking

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